Factoring receivables – Small businesses: Here’s your chance to compete with the big players in your industry!

Have you ever had to turn down an order because you don’t have the resources to fulfil it? Factoring ReceivablesYou are not alone. It is a tough old world out there for small businesses. You always feel like you have a mountain to climb because you don’t have the luxury of an unlimited budget as the large companies in your industry do. This can make it feel impossible to compete. You feel as if you are constantly remaining stagnate and never expanding. Does this sound familiar? Well, it doesn’t have to apply to you anymore. NR Business Credit’s factoring receivables gives all businesses the platform to succeed and compete against the big players in their industry.

Whenever a customer orders a product or a service from your company you can use our factoring receivables service to get the cash straight away. This ensures you don’t have to wait around for weeks and weeks for the customer to pay their order. We will take a small percentage for releasing the funds to you, and you will benefit from instant cash as soon as a purchase is made. This ensures that you never have to turn down an order again! And don’t worry; the percentage we take is a fair one. You will struggle to find this service as cheap anywhere else.

Standing still is not an option – Factoring Receivables keeps you moving forward

There is nothing worse than having to put your business on hold because a client hasn’t paid what they owe you. A lot of the time this client is stalling because they are waiting for someone to pay them too. It is a never ending cycle. Yet you get the opportunity to break out of this by using factoring receivables because you get your cash straight away no matter what. The only thing we will do is a credit check to ensure that the customer in question is likely to pay you in the end.

Don’t underestimate how much of a massive platform this can be for your company. Establishing yourself and growing as a small business is extremely difficult. You make one order and then you often have to wait to receive the cash before you can start on the next. You don’t have the capital free to have the luxury of funding the manufacturing of a product or the delivery of a service through using your business’s float. With factoring receivables you eliminate this problem as you will always have the capital there. This allows you to take big orders. And as you know; once the large orders start following you really begin to gain momentum and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with.

And don’t make the mistake many others do and try to carry the workload by yourself! There are far too many business owners out there who are attempting to do an 80 hour work week so that they can complete orders – as they evidently cannot afford to pay their employees if they are waiting on funds. You don’t need us to tell you about how damaging this is to your health!

Now is the time to eliminate the panic. Stop worrying about when and if orders will be paid. Stop trying to take on the job of seven other people. And start becoming a big player in your industry! With our factoring receivables service you will have the platform to flourish. Don’t miss this opportunity!